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Xtreme Tech Pro 1501

Xtreme Tech Pro 1501 embroidery machine

Xtreme Tech XT Pro 1501


Jeans, dresses, and tops with embroidery on them have been quite trendy for some time. Gone are the days when embroidery was done by hand consuming a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, clothes get a new look of beautiful designs and customizations with embroidery machines. The market is full of easy-to-use embroidery machines having innovative features. Not only do they ensure durability but you also get ideal results. However, you have to choose the machine that suits your needs and is compliant with your budget.

If you are looking for a portable embroidery machine with the same features as that of the larger and far more expensive machines, this is it. Xtreme Tech XT has all the features at a fraction of the cost price.


Key Features:

Here are a few ground-breaking features which set the Xtreme Tech embroidery machine apart from the rest.


Control Panel :

Previewing designs are an absolute cinch with the Xtreme Tech embroidery machine, thanks to its incredible touch screen color LCD. The control panel has all the options you need to know about the machine through the user-friendly menu. For your guide through the process, you will have on-screen prompts as well.


100 Million Stitch Memory Capacity:

No matter what the embroidery size of your choice is, the satin width adjustment and the 100 million stitch memory can help you create the work you want to. In the race of New Embroidery Machines, New Single Head Machines, Xtreme Tech has surely made its name.


LED lights:

It’s no secret that embroidery can’t be done in the dark. The super bright LED lights installed in Xtreme Tech glow up the view and make it easier to thread the machine.


USB Port:

If you are keeping the embroidery designs in USB flash drives, you can connect the drives with the machine through the USB port and view your custom designs and images.


Automatic Thread Trimmer:

The automatic thread trimmer feature in embroidery machines is not only time-saving but is also easier on the hands. Machines without automatic thread trimmers are not a favorite choice of homeowners these days.


One-Touch Design Tracing:

This elegant and modern embroidery machine makes embroidery projects easier by one-touch design tracing. Tracing the design doesn’t have to be hard anymore as you are just a button away from ensuring the accurate placement of the design.

Origin Return:

If you have to make amendments in the design, there is also an option of Origin Return to help you do so. It effortlessly takes you to the starting point of the design.


The innovative feature of floating keeps you from accidental stitching by moving the frame forward and backward through the design.

Automatic Thread Break Detection:

Sometimes you keep going on without realizing that the thread has broken off. Well, the automatic thread break detection makes this embroidery machine an absolute steal. The operator is informed as soon as the thread encounters a breakage during processing.

Automatic Color Change:

The convenient and fully functional embroidery machine has automatic color changes between different colors as a result of the color change mechanism. The operators do not have to struggle with the manual color changes anymore. The machine itself will select a different needle and set it as the primary embroidering needle. It instantly changes to another specific needle with a different color thread as per the command.