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Embroidery Fonts

Choosing the right font

We have an extensive list of over 200 fonts available for embroidery. We have created many custom fonts for clients over the years, so there is really no limit when it comes to fonts. However, when you are sewing letters smaller than 1/2 inch then only a few fonts are legible. 

Font Size is Everything

The smaller you want your text to be, the pickier you have to be with your fonts. If you want small text for your project, do not pick any stylized or complex fonts. Smaller letters require more specific demands, like thinner thread. Sometimes to look good you may have to modify the logo to have a larger font. For example remove the www. from a web address so that the font can be slightly larger.

Create a Custom Font!

Single color, multi color and animal shaped fonts are just some of the fonts we have created over the years. Have an idea for a font or a design, we can help your vision become a reality.